August 16, 2017

Roster 2.0

On Monday I discussed his first offering, and now Joe Reedy as updated his projections for who survives Cut Down Day on Saturday. WhoDeyFans, sound off on whether or not you agree with his picks.

QB: Dalton, Gradkowski. (no change) Book it.

RB: Benson, Scott, Leonard, Peerman, Pressley. (no change) Jay Finley gets one final opportunity against the Colts to crack this group. He returned to practice after the injury in the game against the Lions. With Ced in the clink, and assuming Scott and Leonard are held out for most of the game, he should get plenty of carries. (WDFs, would you keep Peerman or Finley? I keep Peerman.)

WR: Green, Simpson, Shipley, Caldwell, Cosby, Whalen. (no change) Anyone pleading the case for Anthony Hawkins or Calvin Russell? Anyone?

TE: Gresham, Cochart, Coffman. (Scaife to IR, Coffman in.) Chase, you are a 3rd round pick sitting behind a UFA on the depth chart. The football gods have given you one more chance. Use it well.

OL: (T) Whitworth, Smith, Collins, Roland; (G) Livings, Williams, Boling, Jean-Gilles; (C) Cook. (no change) I had forgotten that Otis Hudson was injured and is not due back until mid-October. Will they stash him on PUP? Will they find an upgrade to Jean-Gilles on the waiver wire? (WDFs, any of you wishing for Andre Gurode? Not me.)

DL: (E) Geathers, Johnson, Dunlap, Fanene, Rucker; (T) Atkins, Peko, Sims, Shirley. (McDonald sent to Seattle, Shirley in.) Shirley returns, ending Mike Brown’s epiphany to convert him to placekicker wideout tight end offensive lineman. (Laverne, however, has not been heard from since the early 80’s when she was seen getting into a van with neighbors Lenny and Squiggy.)

LB: Maualuga, Lawson, Howard, Johnson, Skuta, Moch, Rey (Rivers on PUP). (Rey added.) I can understand wanting to keep seven LBs, but not at the expense of a CB. Unless they are very sure that Jennings will thrive in his new role with the Bengals.

CB: Hall, Clements, Jennings, Trent, Murray. (Jennings added, Jones and Wade removed.) I was initially concerned about how glad Seahawks fans were to be rid of Jennings. But the more I read, the more it seems that Jennings was 1) drafted too high, leaving fans frustrated that he was not what they thought a 1st round pick should be, and 2) not put in a position that played to his strengths in Seattle. (WDFs, do you think Zimmer gets the most out of him? Or is he a bust about to torch a new team?)

S: Crocker, Nelson, Mays, Sands. (no change) Injury is the only thing that will change this group.

ST: Huber, Nugent, Harris. (no change) Book it.