June 28, 2017

Survey: How Do You See 2011?

The questions about the Bengals this season are plenty.

How long will it take for the speed of the game to slow down for Andy Dalton? Will the receivers live up to their potential early or just look like rookies? Will the offensive line look like the crew from 2009 or from 2010? Will Zimmer bring out the best in Mays, Jennings, Clements and the rest of secondary? Could Atkins and Dunlop suffer a sophomore slump? Darn unproven potential… it leaves so many questions to answer.

The pundits have made their thoughts known, as Nate points out. But I want to know, how do you see 2011 ending for the Bengals?

0-16: Complete Disaster (“Move over, Detroit, you’ve got company.”)

1-15: Pathetic (“Mike Brown has absolutely sucked the life out of me.“)

2-14: Pessimistic (“With the first pick of the 2012 draft, the Bengals select…“)

3-13: Low Expectations (“1000 ESPN talking heads can’t be wrong. Can they?”)

4-12: Repeat (“Second verse, same as the first.”)

5-11: Toe In The Water (“Good grief! If the friggin’ Browns got to 5-11 last year, the Bengals can too.”)

6-10: Optimistic (“They might not be great this year, but the boys will be better than you think.”)

7-9: Got A Feeling (“I just can’t help myself. Hope is all I’ve got!“)

8-8: Sweet Mediocrity (“Marvin has perfected the 8-8 season! Here we come!”)

9-7: Upset’s A-Comin’! (“I have met Intimidation, and he has red hair!”)

10-6 (or better): Delusional (“Pass the Kool-Aid! Who Dey!”)


  1. Hoping for at least 5-11. I honestly think this team is better than last years.

  2. Jackie,

    I agree. i think with a strong running game and how this d is looking, the Bengals can shock some people.