June 26, 2017

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Chad Still Has His Bad Habits

I am one of the many Bengals fans who loved and defended Chad for a long time, finally got tired of him, and is now glad that he is playing for any other team. The fact that it is New England is actually kind of funny. Why, you ask? Because in NE, you don’t get to […]

WDW Episode 38 – Relax

We take a look back at the debacle vs. the Lions and look ahead to the Jets. We also responded to Michael Vick’s quotes in GQ Magazine.

So Roger Goodell hates the Cincinnati Bengals

Reader Matt sends the following: Since when did comments in an interview became the undeniable truth? Aren’t there two sides to every story? I know the Commissioner is a polarizing figure, but there is definitely media sensationalism at play here. I’m sure that if Goodell did suggest Vick go to the Eagles, that he was […]

Penalties – Bengals vs. Lions

  One of my recurring articles looks at the latest Bengals news from the perspective of NFL penalties, so for you first time readers all I have to say is… Delay of Game – What took ya so long!

ESPN Camp Confidential: Bengals

Here are a few thoughts from James Walker after his visit to Bengals camp. Clipped from: espn.go.com (share this clip)

What Is “Success” In 2011?

Most NFL fans would say that their team had a successful season if their team made the playoffs. Some might draw the line at a playoff win, but being one of the best 12 teams in the league (except for the Seahawks last year) is generally enough to make fans happy with their team. But […]

Film Study: Bengals Passing Game

I watched the NFL Network’s replay of the Bengals/Lions game and paid special attention to the passing game in Andy Dalton’s first start. Here are a few quick thoughts: -Dalton looks to be a good fit for the Bengals offense. He got rid of the football rather quickly and was accurate as well. Even though […]

700 WLW: Brett Favre Spotted in Queen City

According to 700 WLW, Brett Favre has been spotted in Cincinnati. It’s not totally crazy if you think about it.

Pondering Run Production

Josh Kirkendall, one of the talented superbloggers at CincyJungle.com, found a little nugget from the fine chaps at Football Outsiders that got me thinking about the running game. We know that the Bengals intend to re-return to the running game, and that a productive running game will be the key to any success they find this year (just like 2009). […]

No more Tank in our arsenal

Per a Geoff Hobson tweet the Bengals have cut ties with Tank Johnson. I will fondly remember how he struggled to put together the bunk beds for his kids in the HBO series Hard Knocks. He also was a key piece for the resurgent defense of 09. Thanks tank.