ESPN Report: Carson Might Be Back Next Week

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  1. Lee says:

    This will get ugly if he returns. Your right they don’t need the distraction, Palmer who? Oh yea Timm is no longer allowed to make win predictions this year…he’s 0-2. haha

  2. Bill says:

    It’s a big risk after (allegedly) saying that he would never play in Cincinnati again, but I could see it happening. Showing up after the 53-man roster is set on Saturday creates an interesting problem. Putting Mike Brown in this situation would make for one of the funniest — or saddest, depending on Mike’s reaction — days of the year, given Mike’s comment about “commitment”.

    That said, if Carson does show up next week, they HAVE to trade him IMMEDIATELY. Like that day. This team has looked more like a team (not just a group of individuals) than they have since 2005. Screwing that up is the single worst thing they could do. And dropping Carson into that locker room screws that up.

    Then again, when has the right thing for the locker room ever been a motivation for Mike Brown?

  3. Nate says:

    ESPN’s John Clayton believes Palmer will be installed as the starter if he returns. That would be disastrous. New offense and only one week of practice before Opening Day?

    I hope the team isn’t that dumb. Stay tuned.

    1. Bill says:

      Marvin, no. Mike Brown, hell yes he’s that dumb!

      1. Kenny says:

        It’s not dumb, this team needs Palmer. Before everyone starts screaming about how Carson quit on this team, I say he quit on Mike Brown. Look at every star this team has had under Mike Brown: Boomer, Carl Pickens, Corey Dillion, Ocho and now Palmer…all had wanted to be traded. Mike Brown can suck the life out of any player because he knows how to build a business but has no clue what so ever how to build a team. Mike has Paul Brown’s name but that’s where it ends.
        If Palmer comes back this team could suprise the league like they did in ’09 when they swept the North. This defense is better and I truly believe Gresham will turn into a star. A great TE in this league and in this system is a game changer. Sure alot of people will be pissed if 9 comes back ,but by mid-season they will be rooting for him again. Just my thoughts.

  4. Number 1 Fan says:

    There will be pains with Dalton, I say go through them now. I think if Carson does come back he will be traded to a team like the 49ers.

  5. Who Dey in L.A. says:

    I agree with Eisen. His contact is guaranteed. He hasn’t formally filed his retirement papers. Why not just show up at PBS and state his intention to play this year for the Bengals. That would royally screw up Mike Brown, who I believe planned to make Palmer stay at home this year (to save face) than trade him next spring right before the draft. Brown would have no one to blame except himself if Palmer forces his hand.

  6. stallionstudit says:

    you all make no sense. dalton is and never will be a great quarter back in this league. palmer is way better and more of what this teams needs. if they would have gotton read of marvin and chad palmer would have never done what he done. he has delt with these cry babes to long he wants guys that run there right routes and a coach that stands up to his players not let them run the show. look at chad now still cant run right rount.and u can tell me no one was tired of marvins same old press conf come one the offence looks no better and u know that. we need palmer to play .

  7. stallionstudit says:

    I AGREE with kenny we need him its not his fault that they ran the same old plays and had the same old problems with there players. look at all the problems would u want to play here. now think he sees chad gone all the bull crap gone he see this is maybe better than he could have thought it could be . one problem marvin is still here big problem.