July 25, 2017

Rebuttal to CincyJungle.com: Chase Who?

Jason Garrison over at CincyJungle recently posted an article that questions the use of Chase Coffman for the Bengals.

He states:

Tight end is a tough position to play. Not only do you need to be able to block 300-pound defensive linemen, but you need to be able to run routes and catch like a wide receiver. Gresham can do that, I’m thinking that Coffman can’t.

It is true, the main reason Chase has not been featured in this offense is probably the fact that he has trouble blocking. However, rather than this being an indictment on Chase, it should show the weakness in the previous offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski. Chase should never have been put in the position to fill the role of a traditional tight end.  If the Bengals were looking for a Reggie Kelly they should have passed on Chase Coffman. A good coordinator would have realized Chase is another weapon in the passing game off the edge. Basically a bigger slot receiver. A kid does not put up the kind of numbers in college that Chase did if he is not a player. (90 receptions for 987 yards and 10 touchdowns his senior year)

Jason then says:

Right now, Coffman is just a warm body that may make it on the field every once in a while, but nothing more. It would be nice if he proved me wrong by actually proving to anybody that he belongs on the same field with Gresham and Cochart, but I’m not expecting anything.

I would argue the fact the a new coordinator that Bengals fans hope knows how to use his players should breath new life into Chase Coffman. A two tight end set now gives the Bengals a much greater advantage if Gresham and Coffman are on the field. You have two incredibly talented pass catching tight ends and one will need to be covered by a line backer, mismatches galore.

I am excited to see what Chase can do this year for the Bengals, I think he will surprise people when he has the chance to play.


  1. Trust me, I hope you’re right and I’m wrong. I would love to see Jay Gruden use Coffman in different situations. Good rebuttal.

  2. I’ve never understood why the Bengals keep up the pretense and play him at tight end. If he has great hands and can’t block all that well… he’s a big RECEIVER.

    Why not put him in the slot and let him do what he does well instead of cutting him for not being something he never was from the start? If the Bengals cut him, someone else will pick him up and move him. I just hope they aren’t in the AFC North.

  3. In Jason’s defense, I thought the same thing after watching the game. However, I think Coffman’s greatest value is in the red zone, a place where he hasn’t been used much. He’s a big target who can also block somewhat, so he’d be a matchup problem for the defense. Hopefully, Jay Gruden’s offense will give him a chance there.

  4. Doesn’t matter much now, heeeeeeeeeeee gone.