Updated: Predicting the Bengals Season, WhoDeyFans style

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  1. I’m on the 6 and 10 band wagon. Anything better then last years debacle is better

    1. Number 1 Fan says:

      that would be awesome, I think all of Bengals nation would be happy with that.

  2. sammyd21 says:

    Removing the offensive corridinator will help but the loss of Palmer and Ochocino will have an effect.

    Mike Brown is still at the helm so what will change, nothing. How will Cincy do better without their two former best players and now rookies at those positions?. 2-14, if they’re lucky.

  3. Number 1 Fan says:


    Glad you are back. It is the beginning of the season, the Bengals are tied for first in the division. Now is the time for optimism.

    Also, remember your pick for the Carolina game? I don’t have a lot of confidence in your predictions.

  4. Mike says:

    10-6 can happen due to the ease of their schedule. However, I don’t see 10-6 being a playoff team out of the AFC North.

    1. Number 1 Fan says:

      really? You think 10-6 won’t get it done this season? I think 10-6 wins the North this season.

  5. sammyd21 says:

    @Number 1 Fan – Good point on the Carolina game. I missed it but it was a preseason game. Bengals run defense has been an area of pleasant surprise so far. Moving Tank out and putting Atkins at the starting position was long overdue. They also have a good start to pounding the run but will those two areas be enough to overcome the youth at quarterback and wideout?

    2-14, I hope that predection does fail.