Revisit reasons to hate the Cleveland Browns

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  1. Bill says:

    11. Even LeBron, who grew up there, couldn’t take it any more.

    12. Lake Erie has been trying to relocate for over 100 years, but it knows Cleveland would follow like a co-dependent ex-girlfriend. Besides, the only other place to go is either Canada (eh?) or closer to those goofy Buckeye fans.

    13. It is the only city with a 250 lb weight minimum to enter the stadium. (Oh wait, Pittsburgh does too, don’t they?)

    14. No one outside a 10-mile radius hammers Art Modell for leaving. It’s friggin’ CLEVELAND!! Say what you want, Cleveland, but we’ve never lost our NFL team.

  2. R says:

    I’m from Cleveland and have lived in Cincinnati. Ever since I lived in Cincy I stopped hating on the place because it’s like hating on a twin brother. Too many similarities.

    In any case, The Steelers and Ravens are far more loathsome and I would give the AFC North to the Bengals any day before those two franchises. It’s the shared responsibility of our cities to deal them losses and show that Ohio is the motherland of football.

    Use your blog to break down the actual football game instead of flaming Cleveland. Make Paul Brown proud.

    1. Number 1 Fan says:

      come on R,

      First, the two cities are nothing alike.

      Second, read the rest of the articles, there is a bunch of non flame good stuff in there.

      Third, what fun is a rivalry if there is no smack talk?

  3. R says:

    I’m all for smack. Just stepping in to defend my city. But I can’t poop the Bengals, they’re my 2nd favorite turd in the NFL.

    My favorite pastime in Cincy was walking across the river on sunday morning to drink 3 liters at hofbrau while smoking cigs indoors, watching the Bengals and Browns lose.