June 27, 2017

Tecmo Bowl Futures – Bengals at Browns

Once again we are going to let the Tecmo Bowl machine predict the outcome of the games this season. Week one has the Bengals traveling to Cleveland.


The Bengals start with the ball and give up a sack on the first play.

However, Dalton finds his groove and gets his first passing TD in the NFL. Michael Johnson shows some strong defense on Cleveland’s possession.

The Browns are forced to punt and the first quarter ends with the Bengals leading by 7.

The Bengals fumble the ball and the Browns get a score to knot it up.

After a huge pass play to Green, Benson scores on a short run.

The Browns fumble and the Bengals are able to put 3 more on the board before the half.

Cleveland opens the second half with a field goal and then the Bengals turn over the ball on the next posession.

The Browns defense gets them a score to tie the game.

Dalton throws a pick and Hillis is able to capitalize for the Browns.

The Bengals fumble on the next play and once again, Hillis puts it in the end zone.

A rough start for the Bengals (in Tecmo world).