July 20, 2017

Please, Make It Stop

It was the unending drumbeat of the offseason. No doubt you’ve read it hundreds of times. It’s gotten stupid. I absolutely cannot take it anymore. It needs to stop. Now.

My example comes courtesy of Mo Egger’s blog, as he quotes John Dudley in his tear-soaked hissy fit review of the Browns performance on Sunday.

Find an opponent that appeared more beatable than the Bengals, whose franchise quarterback quit rather than play another year with one of the league’s most dysfunctional teams, and who also lost Pro Bowl receivers Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens.

Yes, Carson Palmer is in the midst of his version of an NFL hunger strike. Yes, Chad is plaguing playing for New England now. Yes, T.O. is now a footnote in Bengals history. So what? How does that have anything to do with the success of the 2011 Bengals?

Carson’s lone ProBowl appearance was in 2006. Five years ago. His production has been pedestrian at best over the last 3 years. T.O. last appeared in the ProBowl in 2008… when he was THIRTY-FIVE. Chad was in the ProBowl in 2008 and 2010… only because other guys were hurt or playing in the SuperBowl (2010). Look at his numbers from those years and you will see that he only made it because of his name, not his production.

Losing Peyton Manning is a crippling blow. Losing Carson Palmer? Not so much. This team has talent of its own — young as it may be in places — to be judged on. Judging it on the absence of (fading) talent no longer on the roster is lazy. And stupid.

ESPN “experts” went 0-10 predicting the game. You and I nailed it. How? We were looking at the talent on the team, not at the players who are not there.

Please, make it stop.


  1. It is funny how the people who “know” football did not watch any Bengal games last year and notice that at LEAST 4 losses can be attributed to Carson. I love the guy and wish him well, but he was not what this football team needed anymore.