July 22, 2017

What I did and didn’t like Bengals Browns

You know what I liked the most? A win. No one gave the Bengals a chance in this game. I get it from national talking heads, there is a lot to cover and they don’t know what is going on with each team. Guys like Joe Reedy should be eating crow today. Someone that close to the team should have guessed that this was going to be a better showing from the Bengals. Ken Broo was the most vocal local sports guy to predict the Bengals win. Joe takes fans to task in his latest post. I agree with the annoyance of the bandwagon jumping, but come on Joe. If players are coming out talking about how negative you seem to be towards the team, maybe you are. If you don’t think they are any good than own it. Don’t take offense when people then call you out on it. With all of the insults and quips you dish out on twitter, you would think you would have a little tougher skin.

What I Liked:
– Dalton looked pretty good in the first half, some bad throws, but seemed to keep his composure.
– The Running game with Benson is strong, this attack can control games and Benson is fighting for extra yards.
– The defense for the most part (except a couple blown coverages) was solid. It is way easier to fix one or two mistakes then teach a group of guys to be hungry.
– Reggie Nelson was popping guys out there. Some hard hits and hair explosions, you need that from your safety.
– The D Line, when it mattered, they were putting a ton of pressure on McCoy. Dunlap and Johnson are beasts.
– Andre Smith, tough at the line and a heads up fumble recovery. Welcome to the NFL finally.
– The Bengals won with a backup QB, on the road to a division rival. Wow.

What I didn’t like:
– Wide outs need to hold onto the ball.
– Coverage breakdown on a couple plays was ugly. Let the Browns back in the game.

The Bengals won a game where no one thought they had a chance. They won a game where they were faced with adversity in losing a starting QB and had to score to win the game with the backup.

There are two types of fans. You have fans like us, that temper expectations but love when the Bengals win. Then you have people like this:

Just don’t get used to it and don’t start praising them. Remember that until it rained, after the first quarter, they sucked Big Donkey Dicks! Don’t let this fool you. Play against an even half-decent team and they will get smoked!

man, I would hate to be that guy. WhoDey!


  1. Kevin Jones says:

    Ha ha ha, you pulled that quote off of WhoDeyRevolution.com. That guy was being ridiculous, thinking that by celebrating in any way you are praising Mike Brown, I tried to temper expectations in my response to him on that site.

  2. @Number 1 Fan – I hear what your saying about abusive fans. I’ve been very critical of the Bengals organization over the summer. Right now I’m enjoying a big win.