July 20, 2017

Predicting the future

I could gloat about the fact that I picked the Bengals to win the battle of Ohio.  I could even gloat about the fact that on the podcast I predicted the score would be 27 to 16 in favor of the Bengals. (missed it by one point).  Or I could gloat about the great start we here at WhoDeyFans have on our little pickEm battle with Cincy Jungle. (click to see our picks)

I won’t though.


I will gloat about the fact that all of the national writers have no faith in the Bengals. Even after the Bengals were able to gut out a win on the road with a backup quarterback against a team that was favored by a TD, the experts at ESPN have them in the bottom 3 teams in the league.

I guess I will continue to gloat as they are proven wrong this season.



  1. I am with you 100%, I like this team better than the 2009 team. Not they they will go 12 – 4, but, I think they will prove they are not the “worst team in the league”

  2. I agree 100%, not going 12 – 4 or anything but, not the “worst team in the league”!

  3. Nicely done on the pick’em, gentlemen!

  4. John, I agree, they are far from the worst.

    Thanks Bill.