Preview: Bengals @ Broncos

Bernard Scott Stiff-Arms Bronco
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  1. Number 1 Fan says:

    well done, a solid breakdown. Good stuff.

  2. John Elway says:

    I agree, well done, and Im John Elway for Christs sake. However, there is another reason Oakland only had 107 yards passing. They were scared to death of Denver’s pass rush (Dumervil/Miller). They often had 2 backs and a TE in the backfield to account for it. And when they did throw, it was generally a screen or dump off. The only traditional drop back pass i seen attempted was a bomb from their own goalline….If Dumervil is playing at least passing downs, Cincy better pound the rock and not get behind. If they get behind and Dumervil/Miller can pin their ears back, its over. Denver’s run defense wasn’t that bad the other night, decent if you consider they gave up a 50 yard gain on McFadden’s last carry and another 20+ on a draw play on 3rd and 12. Looking at stats they are giving up 4.9 per carry, but if you took these out you are looking at 3.2 yds/carry. Yes, i know you could do numbers tricks like this with a lot of situations…my point is they did a pretty good job up until the last few minutes of the game after Orton handed the Raiders the ball on what should have been an easy touchdown. Of course, I could eat my words after this week and be completely wrong…but there was a lot of weird shit in the league week 1, and i dont trust anything until about week 3…However if the Bengals do win, at least maybe this “Tebow Thing” can get started and be resolved one way or another.

    27-17 is good…Denver 27 Cincy 17

    1. Bill says:

      Elway, if Denver is anything like Cleveland, Chicken Little has a lot of company right now. Good for you not being one of them.

      I appreciate the info. I hate to break this to you, but Brian Billick completely disagrees with you: “The Broncos did nothing to prove they can stop the run, and they will continue to face run-heavy teams in the AFC West. New coach John Fox will improve this unit, but it might take a while.” (

  3. John Elway says:

    I hate Brian Billick. He is just pi$$ed he never got an interview for the Denver job. They DID do something to stop the run when they signed Bunkley, Ty Warren, and Marcus Thomas..Unfortunately, Ty Warren tore his triceps and is out for a while, Bunkley is playing hurt, and Marcus Thomas is out too, though he may be back this week. Not to mention, there are a lot of teams who wont be able to stop the Raiders rushing attack. But there is no arguing, Denver’s weakest spot is the interior of both lines. I dont understand why Denver is the AFC West team taking all the flak right now though. They could have easily won their game. It came down to the last minute in a relatively low scoring game (23-20…how is that bad defense?). Meanwhile KC gets blown out at home vs Buffalo and I havent heard a peep about it from the media.

    Like I said. Ill wait another week or two to judge. This game, however, will go a very long way in telling us what we want to know about each of our teams, and I need some answers.

  4. Nate says:

    With Dalton not practicing and the team on the road again, I look at the Bengals as underdogs. I’d love to see them win another one, but I’m being realistic about it. Another win though puts them
    in a great spot for a fast start.

  5. Dalton says:

    I have high hopes for the new stars in Cincinnati, well mostly Green and Dalton, i hope this is the year were i finally don’t get laughed at for loving the Bengals so much!

    P.S. i didn’t just put my name as “Dalton” because Andy Dalton is awesome, that is actually my first name.