July 25, 2017

Week One Fantasy Roundup

The Browns were late breaking the huddle, which gifted AJ Green his first NFL catch, a 41 yard touchdown pass from Bruce Gradkowski.

Week one of the WhoDeyFans.com fantasy league is in the books, and while Nick put up an impressive showing by scoring 100 points and beating the Dirty Birds, my Striped Nightmare looked really bad and is in 15thplace.  The top scoring team was the Red Rifle with 117 points, while the low score was a whopping 45 points for Dalton to Green.

This week features a Rivalry Week matchup between Mickey and I along with three matchups of undefeated teams.  Nick is tied with Jovi’s Jungle for second place, and they face off in what should be a good matchup.  I must also give Nick honorable mention for starting AJ Green, who contributed 10 points thanks to the 41 yard TD gift from the Browns D late in the game that gave us the lead for good.

Boneheaded move of the week:  Hearing that Arian Foster would be out for the game, I rushed to pick up Derrick Ward to strengthen my running back position.  My phone app that I used to set my lineup didn’t work correctly, leaving Ward’s 9 points on the bench.  The worst part of it all is that the guy I cut to sign Ward, Steve Smith of the Panthers, had a monster game with 29 points.  He was quickly scooped up off of waivers by Dalton to Green.  Doh!

You can check out our league and follow along at Yahoo Sports.


  1. I can believe you dropped Steve Smith. He is one of the top receivers (especially fantasy receivers) out there. I would have traded a lot for him.