June 24, 2017

Broncos are banged up this week

I don’t root for injury for athletes, however, I may get a little happy when I hear some studs from the teams the Bengals are about to face may miss the game.

Such is the case with Elvis Dumervil. According to the Denver Post it looks like the pass rusher and sack master may be doubtful for this weekends match-up. Dumervil does have a history with injuries, but when healthy he is one of the best at getting after the QB. I think him missing the game gives the Bengals line a huge advantage on the left side.

Also out this weekend (again, according to the Post) are Bronco’s wide receiver Demaryius Thomas, linebacker D.J. Williams and defensive tackle Ty Warren.

Then, to add more to the list, all star cornerback Champ Bailey, wide receiver Brandon Lloyd and running back Knowshon Moreno are iffy at best.

Bailey has long been one of the best corners in the league and Lloyd and Moreno are both key pieces of the Bronco’s offense.

Things could bode well for the Bengals in Denver this weekend.


  1. Missing Dumervil is a huge deal. He is a special player. With Whitworth in a boot after the Browns game and limited in practice, it could be a perfect time to limit him (or even rest him) and let Collins take up the slack.

    I have to ask about your opening sentence. Are you sure that, deep down, waaaaaay down in there, just the tiniest part of you would not enjoy seeing someone detonate the smile off of Heinz Ward’s face and into next season?

  2. Bill, there is an exception to every rule. I love when Hines gets blown up.