July 25, 2017

Tecmo Bowl Futures – Bengals Vs Broncos

Once again we look to the Tecmo Bowl magic to let us know what is going to happen this Sunday in Denver.

After the Bengals receive the kick, Benson moves the ball well and scores a TD.


The Bengals force the Broncos to punt and then they are forced to punt themselves.

Some strong defense allows the Bengals to create a Moreno fumble and Nate Clements runs it in for the score.

At the end of 1, the Bengals lead by two touchdowns.

Moreno makes up for his fumble with a TD, and then the Bengals turn it over to Orton for a short field.

The Broncos score through the air and tie the game at half.

The Bengals get another turnover, but are forced to punt.

Clements gets a pick and the 3rd quarter ends with the game tied.

A Bengals interception gives the Broncos a chance at a field goal, but it is missed wide right.

A last costly interception gives the Broncos the chance to score for the win.  Eddie Royal makes the catch that seals the game.