June 26, 2017

Week Two Fantasy Roundup

The season ending injury to Jamaal Charles has hurt Jovi's chances.

Week two of the WhoDeyFans.com fantasy league saw the undefeated teams reduced to four, with Seubs taking out Jovi’s Jungle 112-65 while the Chattanooga Chargers, Lil’ Shipleys, and Loss Prevention also felt the agony of defeat .  Nick got big performances from Drew Brees and Peyton Hillis, while Jovi was undone by the season ending injury to Jamaal Charles. The Red Rifle looked impressive once again in his victory against the Love Boat.  Rogue Panda Rampage and Seigfried and Rey are the only other unbeaten teams.  My Striped Nightmare took down Mickey’s Number 1 Fan for the first win of the season, but I was really sweating the Monday nighter this week as he only needed five kicker points to tie.  Fortunately for me, he only got four.


Cam Newton has been the real deal as a fantasy quarterback.


Boneheaded move of the week:  For the second week in a row, Mickey has left Cam Newton on the bench in leiu of Mike Vick and for the second week in a row, Cam posted a nice statline with 29 points to Vick’s 14.  Killer Cam has been great for Fantasy Football and Mickey has an embarrassment of riches at the QB position, but you can only play one.  Thanks Mick!


  1. I need a lot of starters to get injured for my team to be good.