June 23, 2017

When a football career goes up in smoke

Ok, there is a chance Jerome Simpson has a reason why a drug network was being set up under his nose. Maybe, he can somehow deny that he is or was involved.  Maybe his entourage is using his means and money in a way that he was unaware.  Maybe his career just went up in smoke.

All I can say is this is pretty stupid. I will never understand how someone can work so hard for something just to piss it away on some dumb actions.  I am sure there is more to the story, but I just have to say…




  1. Nice of Chris Mortensen to throw Jordan Shipley into the story this morning on Mike and Mike, though he apologized for lumping him in.

  2. Colossally stupid!! This isn’t Marv Albert stupid. Or even Bill Clinton stupid. This is Charlie Sheen type of stupid!!

    • On second thought, I should have said Ben Roethlisberger type of stupid.

      For his sake, I hope there is more to the story than we are getting now. But it looks awful to start, and no one will hear the extenuating circumstances (if there are any) when they come out.

      And it is a shame that the Bengals, who have done a better job than a good number of NFL teams at staying out of trouble over the past few years, are going to get painted with the same broad brush again because one guy didn’t cut ties with his past once he got the big opportunity.

  3. Clinton Collins says:

    6 pounds of weed and there were no arrest. The NFL has regular drug testing and we have not heard of Jerome testing positive for weed. I think Jerome is innocent.

  4. I’m holding out hope that he has glaucoma. Really, really bad glaucoma.