July 26, 2017

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UPDATED: We love our Bengals here at WhoDeyFans.com, but even more we love fans of our site! Every Friday I’ve asked for people to submit their score/game predictions, so I wanted to know their thoughts on the Bengals home opener this Sunday vs. the dreaded 49ers. Here are some of the best responses from our Twitter followers at twitter.com/whodeyweekly.

@OhioJukeJoint: 24-13, Bengals. #WHODEY

@hostilexapostle: bengals shine in the home opener…24-14

@mrcoffeesnob: Cincy – 19; SF – 18 (6 fgs). Bengals win on a safety when Justin Smith returns a fumble to the wrong endzone w/no time left

@The513_: 24-17 the Who Dey boys!

@brettstanko23: Rome plays, we win 27-16, no Rome, we pull out a close one, 17-16. Both predictions are based on Ced getting 100 yards

@JoeskiBroski: 24 to 17, #Bengals. Score by Green, Benson, Nugent, and Leon Hall! I’ll take any and all #Bengals scores. Just want 0 turnovers and a 2-1 record.

@bater41: I said it at the first of the year Bengals 27-14 Benson/Maualuga MVPs of the game

If you want to send me your tweets, follow me at @whodeyweekly. We’ll continue to update this post as more responses come in.

As for MY prediction? Bengals 31, San Fran 10. WHODEY!