August 16, 2017

Bengals Hold 3-0 Halftime Edge

After an impressive first drive netted Mike Nugent’s 22-yard field goal, the Bengals offense went cold for the remainder of the half, clinging to a 3-0 halftime edge over visiting San Francisco.

The Bengals defense has been dominant, forcing the 49ers into 3rd-and-long situations all day as they’ve never threatened to score.

However, the Cincinnati offense has yet to convert a third down.

Red Dalton is 10-of-16 for 90 yards, and Cedric Benson has 9 carries for 26 yards.  Andre Caldwell, starting in place of Jerome Simpson, leads the team with 5 catches and 45 yards.  Simpson has appeared in the game and has one catch for 6 yards.

On defense, the player of the game has been Jonathan Fanene with two sacks.

The one questionable call for the Bengals in the half was Marvin Lewis’ decision not call timeout when the defense stopped RB Frank Gore short on 3rd-and-2 with 1:50 seconds remaining at the San Francisco 47 yard line.  The Bengals has all 3 of their time-outs, but elected to play conservatively and run out the clock.

The 49ers will receive the ball to start the second half.