July 25, 2017

Your Bengals Starting 11: All Time Offense

Last week on the Who-Dey Weekly Podcast, I mentioned that I wanted to hear from you fans out there to see who your all time starting offense would be. So far we’ve gotten some great responses. Make sure you send us your Starting 11: All Time Offense, you can have as many WR’s, TE’s, or FB’s as you want, but we need at least 2 Tackles, 2 Guards, a Center and a QB. Want to go 5 wide? Be our guest. It’s completely up to you.

Make sure you get us your All Time Offenses by Wednesday night at 8 and we’ll read some of the best emails during our podcast this week. We will be giving iTunes gift cards for the winners that we read during the show on Wednesday. So hurry on up and get your emails in today, podcast@whodeyfans.com!