August 16, 2017

All Time Bengals Offense – Timm’s Take

As discussed on this week’s WhoDeyWeekly Podcast, here is my list of the all-time Bengals offense.

Boomer Esiason is my all time favorite Bengals player.

QB – Boomer Esiason – As a blonde lefty like me, Boomer was the player that really caught my attention as a kid and that lead to a lifetime of suffering  enjoyable Bengals football for me as a fan.  I loved his passion for the game, leadership, and most of all his play on the field.

HB – James Brooks – Brooks was awesome back in in mid to late 80s when I started watching the team, but what made this an easy pick for me was the end of the Corey Dillon era and how badly he hated my favorite team.

FB – Pete Johnson – Fourth on the all time rushing list for the Bengals for yardage but he gets the nod for being #1 with an amazing 64 rushing TDs.

Honorable montion FB – Ickey Woods – Woods was so much fun to watch when I was a kid.  I remember watching games with my grandpa and doing The Ickey Shuffle in our living room when he scored.   He was unstoppable in his rookie season, scoring 15 TDs with over 1000 yards but the fun ended there as injuries ended his career early.  My heart goes out to Ickey after his son died last fall from an asthma attack.  We still love you Ickey!

WR – Isaac Curtis – He was so good in his day that the NFL had to adopt the 5 yard bump rule to stop teams from bumping him off his routes.  He had 53 touchdowns in an era of ground and pound.

Chad Johnson produced many memorable Bengals moments.WR – Chad Johnson – Pre Ochocinco Chad was unstoppable and made some of the most memorable moments of the past decade.  If only he had shut up and played…  Still, he is the all time leader in catches, yards, and touchdowns for a Bengals receiver.

TE – Tony McGee – Bob Trumpy, Rodney Holman, and Tony McGee were all similar statistically.  I think if McGee had played with a better quarterback he would easily be the all time leader for the Bengals.

LT – Anthony Munoz – Hall of Famer and a great guy, plus he appeared on the WhoDeyWeekly Podcast.

LG – Max Montoya – Montoya was a three time Pro Bowler and a great companion to Munoz.

C – Rich Braham – I respect Braham immensely for playing tough for all those years on some pretty bad teams.  I really noticed how good he was when he was replaced by Eric Ghiaciuc, as the dropoff was tremendous.

Dave Lapham was a great player and is an even better announcer, though he is admittedly biased.

RG – Dave Lapham – I love Lapham for his color analysis on the Bengals Radio Network, and he was a solid player on some of our best teams.  I also think Bobbie Williams deserves a mention as well.

RT – Willie Anderson – Big Willie was so tough and anchored the right side of the line for years.  He was one of the best run blockers I have ever seen.

K – Jim Breech – Breech was money with the game on the line.  He kicked us to two Super Bowls.  He is also the franchise’s leading scorer with 1152 points.

P – Lee Johnson – Johnson had over 50,000 yards punting, and he played for us during the lost decade of the 90s where he got an abundance of work.