June 22, 2017

Carson Palmer traded to…

Nobody, not yet at least.

But, lets look at what the rumor mill is churning up.

All Sports Intel reported that the Dolphins offered a conditional third-round pick that could turn into a second if certain goals are reached. As early as this whole saga is, and it’s still early, a third is too low for Mike Brown.

Miami would be a good fit for Palmer, but there are also other options.

I think Seattle would be interested in the services of Palmer, I don’t think they have the QB answer on their roster currently.

You also can look at San Fransisco as a possible landing spot. I am guessing there are always inquiries and their release to the media only hopes to turn up the heat on these teams to offer what the Bengals are wanting.

I think a solid 2nd round pick gets the services of the former number 9 for this season.

I hope this gets resolved soon.  After the first two games the fan base seemed to be happy with the performance of Dalton.  After last week, the calls for Palmer to come back have increased. That is not good for the development of a young QB.


  1. IMO, you have to get at least a high second for him. Anything less than that is embarrassing. Should be a second and then a conditional pick based on performance, I would think. But trying to guess what the team is thinking is always dangerous.

  2. a team would be dumb to give a high second round pick for Palmer. Palmer’s stats – W/L record do not warrant it. He is just paid like Peyton Manning/Tom Brady without the stats. Granted the record is a team effort (not just his fault) but he never proved himself as a true leader of the Bengals. So it’s hard to say if he can fill the roll of a team leader on another team. So no team will risk a high pick for a QB that probably won’t work out because of age and traditional starting QB”s that leap teams this late in their careers don’t do better on the new team in fact they often do worse. Palmer seems like a nice/stand up guy and that’s great but that doesn’t win games. The upside is he wasn’t Ryan Leaf or JaMarcus Russell.