Response to CincyJungle’s thoughts on Benson

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  1. Nate says:

    I actually agree with the Jungle on this one. Draft a running back and move on. Benson is great between the tackles, but doesn’t seem to have the speed to break long runs. I’d like to see Cincy bring in someone with home-run ability.

  2. Brian says:

    Nate, in my opinion we have a break out back in Scott and the edge isn’t always there so your not going to see the big break out runs that you want at least not at this level. If that is what you want it happens all the time on Saturday. To compete in the bengals division it is my opinion that you must have what is called a downhill or between the tackles kind of runner to grind clock and control possession. When Cedric is given the chance to do this I think he does a great job, the numbers don’t lie. And I for one would rather watch a power back break a ten yard run destroying linebackers and leaving the safeties wishing that they hadn’t tried to stop the freighttrain of a ball carrier than the forty yard pass. To me it is more exciting and closer to the true roots of football. I say they give Ced a home for the years he has left.

  3. Lee says:

    I wish they would split the carries more evenly between Scott and Benson. The day of a single running back carrying it for 25 times a game are almost gone. Get Scott more carries in the middle of the field and pound it with Benson inside the 20. I think scott has the talent, but are the coaches going to give him the opportunity? We all saw that TD run Scott had in the preseason. If he gets the chance to play, I think we could see plays like that more often.

    1. Number 1 Fan says:


      I agree. But you have to look at what Scott has done this season. When given the chance (like in the Browns game) he did very little with his carries.

  4. Adam Waters says:

    Jason is just all upset because I took Benson in a trade from me in our fantasy league.

    1. Adam Waters says:

      *because HE took Benson in a trade from me*

  5. My thing is you can’t compare Ocho Cinco and Benson. Yea they both ended up in the news, but Ocho asked for it and bathed in the light of the media. While Benson isn’t avoiding it but he isn’t putting on the look-at-me show that Ocho does. The Bengals will have to start grooming a replacement in the next season or 2 just because you never know how long a back like this will last.