June 24, 2017

Week Three Fantasy Roundup

The Love Boat was the top scoring team for week three.

After three weeks of Fantasy Football, there is now only one undefeated team.  The Red Rifle took down Dalton to Green to remain unblemished by a whopping score of 93-55.  My Striped Nightmare finally broke the 100 point plateau in defeating Seigfried and Rey, Blue Steel ended the run of Rogue Panda Rampage, and Nick Seuberling finally felt the sting of defeat as his Who-Dey Weekly lost at the hands of Loss Prevention.   Mickey, who was doing the right thing by attending a charity event instead of drafting live a few weeks ago, is now 0-3.  The top scorer of week three was the “Love Boat, exciting and new.  Come aboard, were expecting you!”  I have waited all season to do that.  Congrats to the week three winners.

Boneheaded move of the week:  Siegfried and Rey opted to go for Sam Bradford vs. the Ravens defense instead of Eli Manning vs. the Eagles.  Manning scored 26 while SamBrad had a whopping 9 points.  To make matters worse, Siegfried and Rey only lost by 5 points to my Striped Nightmare.



  1. Chaz (Siegfried and Rey) says:

    Rough week for my team – I’ll defend the Bradford sub from Eli being terrible in his first two games and the depletion of the Giants’ WR corps to injury. Philly has a much better secondary than the Ravens (barring Ed Reed, who can’t cover everybody), but hindsight is 20/20.

  2. Ahhh…3-0, its quiet up here…..at the top.