June 23, 2017

Would You Trade For Aaron Curry?

I have noticed rumblings on ProFootballTalk.com that the Seahawks are entertaining offers for LB Aaron Curry, their 1st round pick from 2009. PFT reports that they are currently talking trade with three teams, although they do not name those teams.

There was a contingent of Bengals fans lobbying for the team to take Curry over team-favorite T Andre Smith leading up to the 2009 draft. But Seattle took him with the 4th pick, while the Bengals picked 6th. (I doubt they would have taken Curry anyway, had he still been on the board, as they had a greater need for an offensive lineman.)

Recently Curry was benched because Seattle has been unsatisfied with his play, opting for rookie K.J. Wright instead. Is he a bust, or is he in the wrong system? Could Mike Zimmer coax that 1st round talent out of him?

With the Bengals on a binge of collecting former 1st round picks, the odds are better than fair that the Bengals are one of those three teams. And if they are, they hold a distinct advantage. Other teams will be offering draft picks, but the Bengals have something that the Pete Carroll wants more… his Heisman-winning student at USC, Carson Palmer.

So, Mr/Ms Armchair G.M., would you do that deal? Would you ship Palmer to Seattle and bring in Curry? (You have to go to Seattle on Oct 30, and you’ll be playing one seriously P.O.’ed QB wanting his revenge.) Or do you pass and try to get a pick for Palmer instead? (Miami, who really needs a QB, reportedly only offered a 3rd round pick for him.)

Curry? Or a 3rd round pick? Sound off, soldier!


  1. what good is it to bring in someone that is a year from done? palmer is no better than t jack any more, i think carrol is on his way out, i like him but he shoulda stayed in school

  2. So let it be written.. so let it be done. Try to get one more guy (development player) out of the deal too.

  3. Palmer for Aaron Curry and a 2nd Rounder. I trust Zimmer to bring out the best in Curry, even though his value is probably like a 4th right now. So it’s essentially a 2nd and 4th for Palmer. Seems fair.