July 25, 2017

At The Quarter Pole – WhoDeyfans vs Cincy Jungle

Can you believe that 25% of the season is already over? The Bengals, who have been in each game in the 4th quarter, could just as easily be 4-0 and 0-4, but they come out of it 2-2. Andy Dalton has looked at times like the old Carson Palmer and at times like David Klingler (see 49ers game and 1st half vs Buffalo).

Mickey and I are taking on Josh and Jason from Cincy Jungle in a pick em contest and now that we’re at the quarter pole, let’s assess where we stand.

NOTE: These are the results prior to tonight’s Colts – Bucs game.

Ouch. Now again, it’s still early. There are a lot of games left to pick, but let’s hope this trend continues. WHODEY!!!

Fun With Twitter
Last week, former ESPN and NFL Network contributor Nick Bakay, tweeted this:

I challenged the former head writer of “The King of Queens” who is a die hard Bills fan, that if the Bills were to lose on Sunday (which they obviously did) that he should come on our podcast this week and explain to Bengals fans why he was so wrong. He is a man of his word and will be joining us Wednesday night on Who-Dey Weekly. Looking forward to it!

Isn’t it amazing how much better Monday’s are after a Bengals win?