June 23, 2017

Kid’s Gonna Be Alright

Many of our readers know that I live tweet during each and every Bengals game and this Sunday I saw the widest range of emotions from Bengals fans that I have ever seen. I even saw tweets calling for backup quarterback Bruce Gradkowski to be put into the game which got me to thinking, how did Carson Palmer’s first 4 NFL starts go? Take a look at this comparison.

Now I understand that the level of competition may not be up the level that Palmer faced his first 4 games, however, Palmer also had the opportunity to sit for the entire 2003 season and watch from the sidelines. He also benefited from two off-seasons of OTA snaps and two full training camp’s before getting his first start in 2004. Dalton missed all of the offseason OTA’s during the lockout and was thrust into the starting role right into training camp with a brand new rookie offensive coordinator to boot. He also played in 2 less quarters (due to his injury in week 1 vs Cleveland).

I know that this is a what have you done for me lately type of a league, and in the first half Sunday versus Buffalo Dalton looked about as bad as a quarterback could look. I know its been tough being a long suffering Bengals fan throughout the last two decades and that our patience has been spread thin. I just want to continue to remind all of us that it’s going to be OK. Palmer’s numbers in his first 4 starts weren’t world beating either. Dalton’s got a #1 ranked defense and a running game that’s in the top half of the league. I’m not saying they’re playoff bound by any means, but you know for sure that this Bengals team will continue to fight each week till the end. Patience my fellow Bengal brethren. The kid’s gonna be alright.


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