June 24, 2017

Response to a reader

Thanks to Clinton, I get to take a bunch of guesses on what the Bengals are going to do with the roster in the upcoming weeks.

Clinton asks:
Comment: Within the next couple of weeks, more players will show up on the active roster. For instance, Bobbie Williams, Dontay Moch, Adam Jones, and Kieth Rivers will able to suit up for game day. Who do you see getting waived or deactivated to see these players on Sundays? Also, do you think we will see Taylor Mays on the field this season?

Lets start with the easy question. I do believe the Bengals will see action from Taylor Mays this season. He is a guy that the Bengals were excited about when he was coming into the league and should get a chance to play. There are always injuries to deal with and the shuffling of guys, and in the AFC North, a big hitting safety should get a chance to lay some wood against the Ravens and Steelers.

For Bobbie Williams, the Bengals currently have a roster exemption so that can carry the extra guy for this week. After that, I do expect the Bengals to make room for some of the players you mentioned. Some options off the top of my head could be:

  • Andrew Hawkins
  • Donald Lee
  • Ryan Whalen
  • Robert Sands
  • Jeromy Miles

And then of course there is a huge question around Jerome Simpson and if he will be active for the whole season. Although he had some action in the last game, Hawkins started the season on the practice squad and could end up back there soon. Donald Lee is the 3rd tight end and is a huge acquisition as a vet. However, it is possible the Bengals take a gamble and release him to free up a spot. I doubt this happens.

With Caldwell on the roster (and catching the ball) a guy like Whalen could become a roster liability just because of the numbers at the position.

Robert Sands has been inactive and could also fall into the numbers trap. Same can be said for Jeromy Miles.

Hope that answers the question, with a bunch of I am not sures.



  1. The move I am most curious about from this list is Keith Rivers. Thomas Howard has been a fantastic replacement for him, too good for Rivers to just be handed his starting job back. The numbers say Vincent Rey goes to make room for Rivers, but where will Rivers be on the depth chart when he comes back? I’m not sure he should be in front of Brandon Johnson, let alone Howard.

    The depth chart on Bengals.com already lists Dontay Moch. I don’t recall him going on PUP either, so he should already be on the 53-man roster.

    My guess is Miles gets the ax when Adam Jones is ready. That gives them 5 safeties and 5 corners.

    The toughest guess is the move to make room for Bobbie Williams. Cutting from his position mean Otis Hudson goes, and I don’t see that happening. I have to agree that they either move Ryan Whalen to the practice squad or release Donald Lee. (And if Whalen goes to the PS, who gets bumped from there? Armon Binns?) Whomever they pick, they won’t be very excited to do it.

  2. I see Miles going and Joe Reedy suggested Rivers might end up on IR

  3. Why not waive Colin Cochart and stash him on the practice squad? I think Lee has more value than Cochart at this stage.