June 23, 2017

Week Four Fantasy Roundup

The Striped Nightmare are on a roll and now sit atop the WhoDey Weekly division.

And then there were none!  Finally the Red Rifle has fallen, as the Louisville Dirty Birds beat the sole unbeaten team in our listener fantasy league.  Amazingly, my Striped Nightmare are now in 2nd place and on a three game winning streak.  The Mick also got his first W by beating Blue Steel.  Key matchups this week are 3-1 Striped Nightmare vs. 3-1 Jovi’s Jungle, 3-1 Red Rifle vs. 0-4 Sack Lunch, 3-1 Siegfried & Rey vs. 2-2 Chattanooga Chargers, and 3-1 Loss Prevention vs. 2-2 Lil’ Shipleys.

Boneheaded move of the week:  Sack Lunch, the lone winless team, made a good move recently by signing Jason Campbell of the Raiders.  Campbell and Pierre Garcon put up big numbers this week, but Sack Lunch left them on the bench.  Mark another in the loss column.  Lets hope they can find the right mix this week.


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