Brandt: Palmer to Seahawks Makes Sense

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  1. Bill says:

    Yestreday Artrell Hawkins, who was filling in for Mo Egger on ESPN1530 (and did pretty well btw), spoke with Peter King about this very thing. Both guys have worked with Mike Brown, and both stated unconditionally that Palmer will be traded, but not before the deadline.

    Both cited the same reason: spite. If the Bengals trade him now for a pick, they won’t get to put their pick on the field until 2012. So Mike Brown will make sure that Carson does not play again until 2012. In MikeBrownland that is fair, but letting CP play in 2011 is rewarding him for what he did. Dalton’s success has no bearing on the situation for MB.

    Brandt’s scenario is intriguing, and I would go for it if I could get it. I am curious if Seattle would agree, since a QB needs someone to throw to. But we will never know because of the Immovable Object.

  2. Nate says:

    I think Palmer could end up in Seattle,but I don’t see it happening before the deadline either. It honestly makes sense to wait until the offseason anyway, because the market should be better. Most teams are probably content to go with their current QB situation now, whereas most every team who needs one should be willing to upgrade their position in the offseason.

  3. Brian says:

    Don’t see Palmer trade happening just yet. They could get more for Palmer if he is traded around the draft. Look there is going to be a race for Andrew Luck, the teams that will need a qb will still be in the market for a healthy Palmer. Who would you rather sign Quin, Orton, or Palmer?

  4. gold star chili cheese fries says:

    If they trade him to Seattle, they’d face him a week later… so that is the question in my mind. Sure brown’s spite will probably trump all this debate, but you have to wonder if they’d be scared to face him. Personally, I just want him gone so everyone can let this thing die. I’d love to see them get rid of him now, then let our badass d-line tee off on his ass in week 8. Who wouldn’t wanna see big Pat Sims squash him?