August 16, 2017

Palmer To Raiders Makes Sense

The Raiders might make a push for Palmer before Tuesday's deadline

The trade deadline is Tuesday, and several NFL pundits have speculated that Carson Palmer might be one of the players on the move.  In the more informed circles of Bengaldom, however,  the conventional wisdom is that Mike Brown won’t budge.  While those in the know feel that Brown will trade his former number 1 pick, it won’t be until the offseason.  Waiting allows Brown to spite Palmer for his transgressions, ensuring the quarterback plays by his old school rules.  Then Brown would proceed to deal Palmer to the highest bidder during the offseason.

Up to this point, speculation for a 2011 trade has focused primarily on the Seahawks and Dolphins, but nothing concrete has ever surfaced.

But something happened Sunday that might be the exact scenario to allow Palmer to get his freedom and for Brown to get the value he feels is right to relinquish his star.  The Oakland Raiders lost starting quarterback Jason Campbell for the season with a broken collarbone.  Despite the setback, the Silver and Black were able to pull out a hard-fought 24-17 win over Cleveland, pushing their record to 4-2 and keeping their very real playoff hopes alive.

Not to sound overly critical, but those playoff hopes will not survive to Thanksgiving with Kyle Boller at the helm.  The Raiders need help at the quarterback position if they want any realistic hopes of a postseason berth. Behind Boller is rookie Terrelle Pryor, fresh off his 5-game suspension.  While Boller doesn’t have the talent to lead the Railders to the promised land, Pryor doesn’t have the experience.

Carson Palmer has both.

Oakland’s head man, Hue Jackson, is a former Marvin Lewis assistant and was with the team during Palmer’s best years.  Jackson’s offense, coordinated by Al Saunders, is similar to that of former Bengals OC Bob Bratkowski.  This suggests Palmer’s learning curve for a Raider playbook could be as little as a week or two.

Oakland has a history of putting their proverbial money where their mouths are in trades, and they could go well above the currently-assumed market to get Palmer now.

Considering Jackson’s relationship with Palmer, the proximity of Oakland to his California offseason home, and the Raiders’ history for offering big trades, this move could make sense for both parties.

So what do you think, Who Dey Fans?  Can the Raiders afford Palmer’s salary cap number?  Who would they have to move to make it happen, and who or what would the Bengals take in trade?




  1. I still don’t don’t think it will happen but I don’t want a player from the Raiders. I would want draft picks. Right now the Bengals may not be the best at every position but they have chemistry and are a young team learning together. You bring in a player that has a chip on their shoulder because they were dumped by their old team and they will screw up what we are trying to build. Really the only person I would like to replace is Benson but I also think that Bernard Scott needs those snaps and could potentially replace Benson full time.

  2. There are 2 huge barriers to this actually getting done. 1. Mike Brown is stubborn. 2. Even if Brown decided to listen to offers, the Raiders don’t have a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th pick in the next draft.

    Maybe, if the Raiders were desperate enough to offer a 1st round pick, would Brown consider budging on his no trade stance. Otherwise, it would be conditional picks in 2013 based on Palmer’s performance, and I’m guessing Brown would just wait until the offseason.

  3. I think he(Mike Brown) should do it. Everyone is stubborn but there comes a time where you realise its a team game and the trade would benefit the team/organization in the long run. Money, draft picks and sme civil negotiation and we have ourself a deal here.

  4. I don’t see Brown relenting on this one. Brown likes to prove points, even when they sometimes come at the expense of good sense. In this case, I think the Raiders would have to offer a tremendous package – like a first-round pick – and then Brown would probably need some pressure from others to pull the trigger.

    In the end, I don’t see it happening this season. The good news is Palmer’s trade value should go up slightly with several teams bidding rather than one.


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