June 23, 2017

Despite 4-2 Record Bengals Still Under Radar

Maybe they should spend more time watching the Bengals than wrestling with one another?

After yesterday’s victory over the hapless Colts, the Bengals improved their record to 4-2 on the year equaling their win total from 2010. During the postgame show on CBS Sunday afternoon, former Bengals quarterback Boomer Esiason beamed with joy. Even the Jaw himself Bill Cowher was impressed with the job that Marvin Lewis has done with this team.

Then as I waited for the 4 pm games to wrap up, I tuned into ESPN’s coverage and was hoping to see highlights on The Blitz and got nothing. That didn’t surprise me since the “Mothership” doesn’t cover teams unless they’re in Philly, New York, Boston, Dallas, or California. Shocker.

I flipped over to the NFL Network thinking for sure that the league’s OWN network would show some highlights and have some analysis. I mean we’re talking about the 4-2 BENGALS who just equaled their entire win total from 2010, who have the #2 ranked defense in the NFL, and are starting a ROOKIE QB!!! Instead I got Rich Eisen saying, “At some point the 4-2 Bengals are going to get more than 2 highlights on NFL Gameday Final.” They showed the AJ Green touchdown catch and the Pierre Garcon fumble that Carlos Dunlap returned for a touchdown. I don’t care so much about the highlights, I want to hear what the so-called experts think about this team. We briefly got Marshall Faulk saying as the 2 highlight package wrapped up, “Mike Zimmer has done a great job in Cincy, this defense is ballin.” Then they went on their merry way breaking down Handshake-gate.

Look I get it, we’re small market Cincinnati. Nobody cares about this team. They can’t sell out their home games despite winning 3 out of their last 4 at home. But can the Bengals get some respect from the national media? This is the same national media who believed this team would be the worst in the NFL, who wouldn’t win a game this season. How about a tip of the cap to the job that Marvin Lewis has done? Can we get some love there? This was a coach who was on his last leg in Cincy. Many thought he wouldn’t be back this season, myself included. This has by far been the best coaching job that he’s done in his 9 years in the Queen City and he is now tied for the franchise lead in wins with Sam Wyche.

Maybe it’s better that they’re not getting the recognition? In years past it would have surely been different with the cast of characters in that locker room…Ochocinco ahem. By the way, does he even PLAY for the New England Patriots? I watched most of that game on Sunday vs the Cowboys and couldn’t recall seeing him on the field once. The only time I ever saw him was when Wes Welker took a seat next to him on the bench. Moving on.

I like where this team is headed. I love that they play for each other, that they have each others back. I love that when they do something good, they’re all celebrating together. I wasn’t even bothered by the celebration penalty the defense received when they scored the touchdown because they were celebrating together. As long as they keep this mentality, this team can go a long long way. Now let’s just hope that media members outside of the tristate area start to take notice.


  1. If you asked these pundits about the Bengals, I’m guessing you’d here this. “Yeah, it’s nice that they are 4-2, but they haven’t played anybody yet. Call me when they beat somebody good.”

    Only they did beat the previously undefeated Buffalo Bills. And they held San Fran to just 13 points, who then dropped 48 on Tampa Bay and just beat a freakishly good Lions defense. Oh, and they beat their group-think trendy pick Cleveland Browns too. But they haven’t played anybody good yet.


  2. As bengals fans is anything else ever been expected? The only year we got any hype was the 2009 season, and thats because we followed the appearence on hard knocks with a good season. We are just not relevant in the national media, unfortunately.

  3. Why complain? This is EXACTLY what we want. Let them keep ignoring us. Let’s keep on flying under the radar. I love this team and their attitude. The last thing I want is too much attention from the national guys–we don’t know how they’ll handle it just yet.

    I say keep them underdogs in every game–keep the insults and disrespect coming.

  4. Well, the lack of a spotlight lasted a day.