Despite 4-2 Record Bengals Still Under Radar

Maybe they should spend more time watching the Bengals than wrestling with one another?
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  1. Bill says:

    If you asked these pundits about the Bengals, I’m guessing you’d here this. “Yeah, it’s nice that they are 4-2, but they haven’t played anybody yet. Call me when they beat somebody good.”

    Only they did beat the previously undefeated Buffalo Bills. And they held San Fran to just 13 points, who then dropped 48 on Tampa Bay and just beat a freakishly good Lions defense. Oh, and they beat their group-think trendy pick Cleveland Browns too. But they haven’t played anybody good yet.


  2. Lee says:

    As bengals fans is anything else ever been expected? The only year we got any hype was the 2009 season, and thats because we followed the appearence on hard knocks with a good season. We are just not relevant in the national media, unfortunately.

  3. Eric says:

    Why complain? This is EXACTLY what we want. Let them keep ignoring us. Let’s keep on flying under the radar. I love this team and their attitude. The last thing I want is too much attention from the national guys–we don’t know how they’ll handle it just yet.

    I say keep them underdogs in every game–keep the insults and disrespect coming.

  4. Seubs says:

    Well, the lack of a spotlight lasted a day.