July 25, 2017

Question from a reader – Andre Smith edition

Earlier in the year the Bengals organization said that would not pick Andre Smith’s contract option; after not allowing a sack against one of the leagues best pass rushers (Mathis), do you think we should pick up his contract option?

No question Andre Smith is a better player this season than any other time. After starting on a four year deal that gave him 21 million in guaranteed money, the Bengals had the option to pick up two more years on Smith’s deal making it a 6 year 42 million dollar deal (29.5 guaranteed).

The decision to have made the decision to pick up the extension was due during training camp for the Bengals. They decided to pass.

Can you really fault the Bengals for not being excited about picking up the options on a deal for a guy who continually came into camp out of shape and had major problems staying healthy?

Now the Bengals are faced with a dilemma. Let’s say that Smith is able to stay healthy, and every week continues to improve on the field. Holding the Colts ends to no tackles was a strong start to a case that could be made that Smith could be the long term solution at the right tackle position.

That’s right, forget about a sack. Neither end had a single tackle. Neither Mathis nor Freeney was credited with a tackle in the Bengals’ 27-17 win over the Colts.

I for one would not be against an extension at the end of the season providing Smith continues this kind of production.


(props to the Bengal Thing for pointing out the mistake which I have corrected.)


  1. If he continues to improve this season, absolutely start talking extension. But I need more than a few good games and one standout performance this season to show that his hunger to contribute to wins exceeds his hunger for sliders and Mickey D’s. (Often the big payday is followed by a poor season.)

  2. The Bengals have to protect themselves if they donextend Smith. His weight clause absolutely has to be in his next contract too