July 22, 2017

Mike Brown Relents

Many Bengals fans find it as hard to say something nice about Mike Brown as it is for most Clevelanders to say something nice about LeBron James. But today, the day that the Immovable Object relented and traded Carson Palmer to Oakland, he deserves to be credited for putting his stubbornness aside, for recognizing an incredible deal when it was offered, and for accepting a deal that benefits his franchise, even if it means “rewarding” Carson for his trade demand.

If you can’t do that today, you are as stubborn and short-sighted as he is.

The final chapter of the Rollercoaster Decade is now closed. The divorce papers have just been signed. It’s time to move on. Put your “Quitter” jersey in the attic or give it to Goodwill. Instead of being the petty jilted lover who harbors bitterness for years, take a look at how you are now better off for the whole situation. He is Oakland’s problem now. You’ve got Andy now, who is better anyway. Let Carson go.

To Mike Brown I say, Well done, sir. You fleeced Oakland as slyly as you did the City with the stadium deal. I was skeptical that you could get more than a 2nd round pick for him. So to get a 1st and a 2nd, or possibly two 1st, is simply incredible. That kind of robbery might be a felony in some states.

Imagine what the Bengals can do with picks somewhere around #15 and #20 next year. I have visions of offensive guards and safeties dancing in my head.