July 25, 2017

Perfect Storm Creates Healthy Bounty for Bengals

A few days ago, hardly anyone could have envisioned the events that would conspire to create such a healthy ransom for Carson Palmer. Consider this:

1) A starting quarterback (Jason Campbell) became injured for an extended amount of time, his entire season in jeopardy

2) That quarterback played for a team in playoff contention, a team without a legitimate backup

3) That team also had a rookie head coach who is desperate to make the playoffs

4) And that head coach suddenly had enormous input on matters of personnel, able to sacrifice his team’s future for his insatiable desire to win now

5) And that head coach was familiar with Carson Palmer, someone who helped to recruit him at USC and served as a position coach with the Cincinnati Bengals

6) And finally, that coach was with a franchise that was accustomed to overpaying, a team that wasn’t afraid to be a renegade in regard to standard-operating procedures

It was a cavalcade of good fortune that doesn’t seem to visit Cincinnati often. But this time, it did.

In fact, it’s hard to imagine this deal getting done if it were any other team than Oakland who had the injury. Perhaps Palmer still gets traded, but the price would have been greatly reduced. Instead, Hue Jackson and the Oakland Raiders’ extreme desire to win now pushed the price of Palmer higher, well past what most people expected.

It was a perfect storm.

And in Cincinnati, it brought a whole lot of sunshine.


  1. Don’t forget too that Jackson’s offense is very similar to the one Bratkowski ran in Cincinnati, and both Jackson and Palmer were well versed in it.

    As soon as I heard that Campbell was out for the season I saw this as a very real possibility–based upon the reasons you list above. The Raiders would not want their 4-2 season handed to Kyle Boller or Tyrelle Pryor, and Hue Jackson was intimately family with a franchise quarterback.

    Luckily, Mike Brown didn’t let his ego get in the way, but I think the deal Oakland offered was just too much to ignore