June 27, 2017

Raiders offering 2 first round picks for Carson Palmer

A move like this makes it seem as though the Al Davis legacy is still running strong. In my opinion this is an overpayment based on the fact that the starting QB for the Raiders was injured for the season and the Raiders want the best available guy out there.

If all the reports are true:

Jay Glazer:

The trade is expected to be completed by deadline. Hue Jackson has a close relationship w Mike Brown and really worked to get Brown to budge

Chris Mortensen is also reporting the deal:

As the Raiders give up a 1st rounder in 2012 for Carson Palmer & conditional 1st rder in 2013, Bengals also had discussed LB Aaron Curry

The Raiders’ fallback if they couldn’t have landed Palmer? Vince Young.

The 2013 pick is a conditional – it can become a first rounder based on playtime, other incentives. Plus the 2012 first rounder

The Bengals may have just hit the lottery.