ESPN Insider: Bengals Last Two Out of Playoff Picture

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  1. panda says:

    Is there a link to this thing?

    Also there’s no way 9-7 wins the AFC North I don’t think. That may be the final score of most of the games, but I think at least 11 (maybe 12?) wins is necessary. However, with every team all over the place, it’s almost impossible to tell.

    The Ravens from last night wouldn’t ‘t win until 2016 but the Ravens from Week 1 would win the next 7 Super Bowls.

    The Steelers have been just as varied, but as per usual they seem to be getting their stuff together and they’ll probably just do what those annoying Steelers do and make the Super Bowl regardless of their record.

    Despite on Sunday setting football back to dinosaur times, I think the Browns are one of those teams that just looks kind of crappy and never passes the eye test, yet their record is better than you might think. I don’t think they’ll be in the playoff race, especially in this division, but they might screw things up for everyone else, especially if their defense keeps up their current clip.

    Finally, my beloved Bengals… I have no idea how to gauge this team at all just yet. The next few games should give us a good indication on how the rest of the season might go. Although Dalton’s stats might not be Earth shattering, I think his methodical efficiency is perfect for winning in this division. I’m as excited about the Bengals as I can ever remember, but I don’t feel confident predicting almost any of their games. ‘Spose that’s why they play them.


    1. Seubs says:

      No link, it’s on ESPN Insider. Unless you want to pay for Insider access.

      1. panda says:

        Figured that’s what you would tell me. Phooey.

        Sounds interesting, though.