August 17, 2017

Week Seven Fantasy Roundup

Siegfried and Rey sits alone at the top of the standings at 6-1.

Week seven of fantasy football is officially in the books, and one team stands head and shoulders above the rest.  Siegfried and Rey has a full game separation over my Striped Nightmare and the Hamilton Bengals. The more difficult math is how to factor in Loss Prevention, who finally won after two straight tie games. The Chattanooga Chargers pulled the upset of my former 1st place team of misfits even though Tim Tebow figured out how to be an NFL quarterback with a little less than 5 minutes to go against the Dolphins.  I guess it could’ve been worse, as I could’ve started 3 Pick Palmer.

This week is another rendition of Rivalry Week, as I do battle with Mr. Who-Dey Weekly himself, Nick Seuberling.  Nick has kept pace with the top teams and is just a game behind me at 4-3.  To make matters worse, Nick’s QB, Drew Brees, is coming off of a record breaking performance against the completely hapless Colts and this week faces the just as hapless Rams.  Another great matchup this week features two of the top teams, as Siegfried and Rey face off against the Hamilton Bengals.

Bonehead move of the week:  Dear Rogue Panda Rampage and Louisville Dirty Birds, there is no NFL team named BYE.  That means that player is on bye week and is not playing…

As always, you can follow all of the action by visiting our league page on Yahoo Sports.  Who Dey!