August 17, 2017

Seahawks Whiffed Twice On Bengal QB’s

As the Bengals head west  to  face the Seahawks, it seems a great deal of the pre-game attention has been paid to the matter of quarterbacks.

We all know the story in Cincinnati.  Fans here are pretty much pleased as punch with the development of our young Andy Dalton.  As a second-round pick, the “Red Rifle” has acquitted himself quite well in his first 6 games, producing some late game heroics along with some Texas-style leadership. He’s been the catalyst of change, and has a better quarterback rating than more bally-hooed players like Philip Rivers, Matt Ryan,  Kevin Kolb, and Cam Newton. And just to make things even sweeter, the Bengals spent their bye week dealing quitter Carson to Oakland for a small fortune.

Good times.

The Seabirds on the other hand,  are struggling to find their groove behind a journeyman combo of  Tavaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst.   Jackson is coming off a recent injury and prior to that a generally unsuccessful run in Minnesota. Whitehurst hasn’t produced as the team had hoped when they swapped second round picks and sent an additional 3rd to San Diego for his services in 2010.  Whitehurst got a two-year, 8 million dollar deal and has yet to produce the goods. 

As a result, the Bengals sit at 4-2, exceeding most expectations while Seattle, coming off a division title in 2010 (I know, I know) are gasping for air at 2-4.

All of which is making the Bengals look like geniuses and the Seahawks like fools.  When Peter King says he would vote Mike Brown for NFL executive of the year, its Bizarro World (in a good way). But while the Queen City has been reveling in this embarrassment of riches, the matter of how the most important position is being handled in the Jet City has been a comparatively negative story.

First,  Reedy reported yesterday that Pete Carroll confirmed that the Seahawks had made “inquiries” about Carson prior to the Oakland trade, but they could not meet the asking price.

While Carroll does have a high regard for Palmer, he said he was not willing to go as far as Oakland, which gave up a first-round pick in 2012 and a conditional second-round selection in 2013 that could turn into a first.

 Despite Palmer’s 3-interception debacle last Sunday, there’s little doubt he would be an upgrade over the current Sea Gull signal callers.

That’s strike one.

Now it has been revealed that they considered but passed at drafting Dalton in the first round of the draft in April. 

Dalton, from TCU, was one of the rookie prospects the Seahawks considered in the draft. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said that he and GM John Schneider “liked everything about him” when they scouted Dalton. But they took tackle James Carpenter in the first round thinking they needed to build the offensive line before bringing in a young quarterback.

Strike two.

Who knows what the fates would have had in store for the two teams had things been different, but for right now, it sure feels good.