August 17, 2017

Behind Enemy Lines – Tennessee Titans

This week we bumped into Zach who runs the Zach being a true fan found us and wanted to ask the most knowledgeable Bengals blog around some questions about the upcoming game.  So of course, I answered his questions and he answered some for us. Want to read my answers to his questions? Check them out on his site here.  Below is what he thinks…

1. Whats the deal with Chris Johnson? Once the most feared running back in the league now barely whimpers on game day. What gives?
While he makes the occasional run that makes you say “that’s the old CJ”, he lacks the consistency. I don’t know if it was Kevin Mawae, but the OL really dropped in run blocking after the 2009 season. Then again, teams were keying on him. This year, we’re not seeing the second effort or moves in the open field. The team’s trying everything, including lining him out wide to get the ball in space. I just watched the Game Rewind from last week and the effort’s inconsistent. Ringer gets the ball and moves forward. CJ’s dancing or falling down too often.


2. What scares you most about the Bengals?
A.J. Green is a beast. Since I’m a big fantasy football fan I tend to focus on the offense, and Green’s making the kind of catches you usually only see in video games. The Colts don’t have much on D but they were able to slow down the Titan offense. The Bengals are going to be a tougher challenge. Instead of dying at the 35 and letting Bironas get three, the Titans are going to have to finish the drives that get into enemy territory.


3. What do the Titans need to do well to beat the Bengals?
Offensive momentum is hard to find, so converting third downs is key. Since the run game is flatlining, that’s going to happen through the air more often than not. The defense needs to get pressure on Dalton early and often.


4. Are you surprised with the Titans start?
I didn’t expect much out of this year’s team. I thought Hasselbeck was all but done. He’s been a stalwart, and is on pace for a 4,000-yard season, even with the Britt injury. The defense is getting turnovers when they’re not getting steamrolled by the Steelers or Texans. I’m pleased so far with what Munchak’s done, although his “mic’d up” segment on the NFL Network during the Texans game might have been the most boring segment of that show ever. When he went for fourth down in the Ravens game and the team scored a TD, the entire crowd was shocked because Fisher was all about taking the field goal.


5. One player Bengals fans should watch for that they may not know much about?
Jason McCourty, or the other McCourty, is really playing well. He recovered the blocked punt last week and tipped the ball that Griffin intercepted and led to the TD at the end of the half. He also leads the team in tackles and will make teams pay for avoiding Finnegan.


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