Andy Dalton wins Offensive Rookie of the month.

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  1. Adam Waters says:

    4 Quarterbacks were selected before Andy Dalton in the draft. All of them were selected at least 20 picks before him..

    The only one his stats aren’t better than is the one that was chosen 1st overall in the draft.

    I wonder what other attributes Andy might have that his earned him the reward, like leadership, teamwork, poise, and charisma. Things that aren’t recorded in my fantasy league, but prove to be huge deciding factors in whether a player is good or not. With quotes like this from his team mates, I think I’m just happy with Dalton over Newton…

    “Awesome, well deserved. He’s leading the troops. Nothing has changed. The world is just catching up,” Bobby Williams said before practice. “It’s something we already know in Cincinnati.”