June 28, 2017

A sad state of affairs for Penn State

Yes, I know this is a Bengals blog, and I know there is really no connection to Penn State athletics. That being said this is a forum where we have gained a certain following and somewhat of a voice. I started this site to vent my frustrations about the Bengals and sometimes other things. This is one of those things.

As more comes out about the abuse that happened and was covered up at the football facilities of Penn State I am growing more disgusted. The crimes committed by the human garbage Sandusky are atrocious. Everyone remotely involved should be removed from the program and possibly prosecuted for crimes committed.

The most disturbing is the arrogance of the people involved. These people felt by “reporting” what they were told was happening they were clearing themselves of any involvement. So why people like Joe Paterno “reported” the crimes, children were still being visited by a real life monster. Joe Paterno today addressed his team and denied any knowledge of the incidents surrounding his good friend Sandusky, and told them they needed to be focused on Nebraska.

Forget about the kids that you had a part in enabling their horror Joe, focus on beating Nebraska. Lie to yourself that you couldn’t have done more as a 10 year old boy is allegedly being raped in your locker room. Go win a title.

Penn State has done far more damage then that of the most recent troubled Universities Miami and Ohio State. These two programs are being punished harshly for players accepting cash gifts and bribes and the University for helping to cover it. I hope the punishments for the people involved are mush harsher for these acts. Forget about vacating wins or the like, I want people’s lives ruined. Much like the life of the children that are involved.

This goes beyond the university, how, after so many reports were made, were the law and courts not stopping this abuse? Where were the people that needed to step in and stop this?

As more comes out, I hope the University flushes the toilet and all of the people that had any part in this are flushed down along with it.

Congrats on your history Penn State, you managed to erase it all with your tolerance of the disgusting acts that took place on your watch.