June 28, 2017

Are You Satisfied With The Running Game?

I’m not.

I am not saying that the running game is bad, but it isn’t all that good either. It is mediocre and in need of an upgrade in the offseason.

What would you do to bolster the ground assault?

There are a number of guys who will be free agents at the end of the year. Would you pursue one of these guys in early 2012?

Cedric Benson. Go ahead and say it if you think it. “Get off the wacky weed, Bill. Cedric is a solid workhorse, and the Bengals should give him a new contract next year.” (Remember, Cedric has been looking for a big payday for a while now, but it has eluded him until now. this is likely his last shot at a big contract.)

Matt Forte. Sueb’s guy is playing like a beast in Chicago, but he is unhappy about not being paid and has been plenty vocal about it. No doubt he would amp up the offense, but would it come at the risk of the team attitude that the Bengals finally have working in their favor?

Peyton Hillis. There would be some real satisfaction in stealing a favorite among Browns fans and making them face him twice a year. He is a hard runner and gets the tough yards. But he has had trouble getting on the field this year.

Arian Foster. The Texans also have Ben Tate, so you have to wonder just how much money they are going to tie up in running backs. Foster is the highest rated free agent according to FootballOutsiders.com.

BenJarvis Green-Ellis. I’d be surprised if the Patriots let him get away. Then again, the Pats aren’t afraid to let guys walk when they want to be paid.

Marshawn Lynch. With the year he has had in Seattle, I have to think the Seahawks will walk away from Lynch. Could you roll the dice that Cincinnati would be as good to him as Buffalo was?

Someone else. Represent for your preferred free agent in the comments.

Skip the free agents and draft a guy. Sound off and make the case for your favorite college running back.


  1. I think they use one of their first three picks on a back in April. That said, I wouldn’t want to overpay in free agency at the running back position. Of the guys on your list, I’d be partial to Lynch. He won’t come at a premium, and has showed to be a tough inside runner and a receiving threat as well in his career. He’s had some nagging injuries here and there, but I think he’s been mostly improperly used in Buffalo and Seattle.

  2. I like the idea of drafting a guy. I think with the Bengals bounty of picks, making a run at one of the guys coming out would be good.

    I like how young the Bengals are and how that is shaping the attitude.