June 22, 2017

Week Nine Fantasy Roundup

The Dalton to Green combo has been awesome in real life, but the fantasy team is in last place.

Siegfried and Rey kept rolling in week nine of fantasy football, posting a 82-63 win over Jovi’s Jungle and stretching their lead to 2 games over a pack of teams tied at 6-3.  My Striped Nightmare dropped like a rock from second place to sixth after a loss to the Hamilton Bengals, who posted the week’s second highest score with 112 points.  The top mark went to the Louisville Dirty Birds, who still have yet to make a transaction yet are now in 4th place after beating Sack Lunch 124-83.

This weekend features current #2 seed The Red Rifle vs. Seub’s Who-Dey Weekly, and at 5-4 Seub’s needs to pull off a surprise victory to keep pace with the top tier.  We currently have 9 teams over .500, and only eight will make the playoffs.  The other key matchup is Rogue Panda Rampage vs. the Hamilton Bengals, as these division rivals are tied at 6-3 and jockeying for playoff positioning.

Bonehead move of the week:  Dalton to Green has been an exciting combination this season for the Bengals, but Dalton to Green the fantasy team fell to last place at 2-7 after a loss to LoveBoat.  Dalton’s big flaw was not starting Jacoby Ford, who put up 16 points in the Raiders loss to Denver.  Devin Hester chipped in a whopping 1 point, costing Dalton to Green the game in a 10 point loss.