June 22, 2017

The 4th quarter could be huge

The 4th quarter could be big this Sunday.

As Bengals fans, we all know how big Andy Dalton and the Bengals offense has been in the 4th quarter. Of the Bengals 6 wins, 4 were on come from behind scores in the 4th quarter. This season the Bengals are outscoring their opponents 87-43 in the 4th and 126-59 in the second half.

If only the Bengals could match up against a team that struggles in the 4th quarter.

In comes the Pittsburgh Steelers. According to an article at the Post Gazette, Pittsburgh has given up a game-winning or tying touchdown in the fourth quarter three times this season.

Last season was the same story for Pitt. Remember when the Steelers came to town and almost lost to the Bengals in the last minute of the game. A Jordan Shipley drop (along with a big play from Harrison) was what sealed the game with seconds left on the clock. I thought the Bengals were going to have an awesome comeback in a game they trailed 27 to 20 at one point in the 4th quarter.

So in the past two seasons the Steelers have collapsed in the 4th quarter 11 times.

  • The Ravens won on a 92 yd drive in the 4th to win last week.
  • Houston had an 85 yd drive in the 4th to win this season.
  • The Colts scored a td with 2 minutes left to almost upset the Steelers (the Steelers won with a field goal) a couple weeks ago.
  • Baltimore won last season on a TD with 32 seconds left.
  • Miami kicked a field goal to take the lead in the closing minutes of the 4th quarter last season (to lose on a Steelers field goal)
  • The Saints were able to drive and win last season at the end of the game last season.
  • The Patriots scored twice in the 4th to thump the Steelers last season.
  • Buffalo took the Steelers to overtime on a last minute field goal drive last season.
  • The Jets won last season on a last minute field goal.
  • The Packers also won last season with a score in the final two minutes (although, this game was already in the Packers favor)

All this means nothing except the Steelers have been trending in letting the opponents back in the game in the final quarter. This just so happens to be the same time in the game that the Bengals are playing their best football.

So while the whole game is going to be awesome. I am really excited to see how the teams handle the second half.