Caption contest for a copy of Madden 2012

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  1. Eric says:

    Wal Mart had a great sale on Steelers tents!

  2. Jason Shirley says:

    It’s Shooter.. Shooter McGavin!

  3. Billy Arduino says:

    C’mon Big Ben you can have your way with me and unlike all the other women you have violated, I promise I won’t squeal…well maybe just a little being I am Miss Piggy from Shittsburgh. When we are done, you can wipe me off with a Terrible Towel.

  4. Eric says:

    This young lady is excited. All her life, she never thought she would be intimate with a man.

    Tonight, however, Ben Roethlisberger showed that with alcohol and a restroom, all things are possible.

  5. Jason Shirley says:

    Golden corral buffet is only 10 bucks & yeah I shit like a horse!

  6. Number 1 Fan says:

    what an awesome contest to run Steelers week. I am cracking up right now.

  7. adam says:

    1. Hoola hoop…necklace…what’s the difference.

    2. I guess all those years of chasing shots of tequila with a shot of mayonnaise was a bad idea.

    3. Wait!??! You’re taking my picture? I thought I was standing in front of one of those fun house mirrors.

    4. Being the daughter of Art Rooney has it’s perks…free chicken legs.

    5. No no no, I’m not point at you. “This” is how long my last crap was….around.

  8. Adam Morgan says:

    This young lady just won two tickets to the Steelers vs. Bengals game by downing a GALLON of Heinz ketchup in under three minutes!

  9. Adam Morgan says:

    Does it really need to say XXL on her shirt? I think we can all just assume.

  10. ComerKai says:

    The steel curtain. In the flesh.

  11. Josh M. P. says:

    Looks like Casey Hampton has some competition for the name “Big Snack.”

  12. Alek says:

    Geez, Kemo Von Oelhoffen has really let himself go.

  13. Ryan says:

    I’m the biggest Steelers fan you’ll ever meet. Literally!

  14. Bill says:

    I had no idea that Shamu was a Steelers fan.

  15. Michelle says:

    I told Ben Roethlisberger that for each touchdown pass he throws, I will remove an article of clothing and text him a picture.

  16. David graham says:

    Steelers cheerleader captain.

  17. Adam Waters says:

    I wonder if you can milk those bottom 4 breasts?

  18. Number 1 Fan says:

    “We’re going to need a bigger boat”

    1. Seubs says:

      The Baja Men are releasing a new song, Who Let the Cows Out?

  19. Bill says:

    Now I’m going to have the Beatles stuck in my head all afternoon: “Here comes the sun, do-do-doo-doo, here comes the sun”

  20. Darrell Williams says:

    The Steelers latest offensive line recruit

  21. Bill says:

    I hope that shirt came with an OSHA warning label: “Do not look directly at the yinzer wearing this shirt. Permanent eye damage and/or mental scarring may occur.”

  22. Seubs says:

    I guess the tongue ring was to distract us from the waistline?

    1. Number 1 Fan says:

      You know what they say about girls with tounge rings…

      Although, this one may be used more like a Bull’s nose ring, to lead her around the pen.

      1. Eric says:

        Sweet Jesus… I didn’t even notice the tongue ring before. Vomiting.

  23. Zach says:

    I guess we’ve found where “the bus” has been hiding the last few years.

  24. Bill says:

    “Get in my belly!”

  25. Boomer Lion says:

    Payback’s a bitch, Ben. Now clean your junk and put your pants back on.

  26. Tim Swan says:

    Who knew Steeler shirts came in Manatee

  27. Adam DeLong says:

    Roethlisberger’s highschool gf recalls her initial reaction when he dropped his pants.

  28. Adam DeLong says:

    Warning: Must be this long to penetrate!

  29. Lee says:

    It looks like a twinkie but bigger

  30. Lee says:

    you’ve heard of the terible towel, now meet the terrible beach towel

  31. Lee says:

    This is what happems if you feed stiller fans after midnight

  32. Twitch says:

    I didn’t know Ralphie May was a Pittsburgh Steelers fan?!

  33. Twitch says:

    Pittsburgh Steelers… proud to be the only NFL team with fans visible from space.

  34. Twitch says:

    “Who’s milkshake brings all the Steelers to the yard…”

  35. Adam DeLong says:

    Pittsburg Steelers Fans… The biggest front runners out there, LITERALLY!

  36. Bill says:

    Holy crap, Kimo Van Oelhoffen has really let himself go!

  37. Jason says:

    Some members of the steel curtain have to dress with a shower curtain. Stay classy Pittsburgh

  38. Reid39 says:

    Raped by The Roethlisberger and all I got was this T-shirt and herpes. All we asked for is a Snickers Bar and some Skittles.

  39. Reid39 says:

    Ben attempted to have sex with me, but he couldn’t find my bagingo. So he stuck it in my 15th roll from the left. He was cool about it, he gave me his wifes Steelers shirt and a kiss on my 7th chin

  40. Reid39 says:

    WHOA WHOA WHOA!! HANG ON HERE! @Bater41 s Mom! I thought you were a Bengals Fan! Take that shirt off now…..No wait, leave it on! I like angry sex.

  41. @Dayton_Whodey says:

    The Pittsburgh Steelers were recognized this year for employing young women on their cheer leading squad rejected by other NFL teams. Ironically, fans are thrilled and have suggested that their uniforms should be made more revealing.

  42. DERON WEBB says:

    Who says Washington fans are called hogs we have our own hogs in pittsburgh.

  43. DERON WEBB says:

    Look out Goldstar chilli, here comes Pittsburgh

  44. DERON WEBB says:

    Hey Ben I heard you missed me Im back

  45. DERON WEBB says:

    Hey Carson remember last year in Pittsburgh, Maury povich says ‘you are the daddy”

  46. Lee says:

    Ooooooo was up!

  47. Michelle says:

    If the Steelers lose, I am going to quit my diet

  48. Ryan Gee says:

    Pittsburgh Steelers fans strive to be like the XXL fan in the middle. Especially the one in the purple and black stripped shirt. She’s off to a great start!

  49. Ryan Gee says:

    Oh, thank goodness! The Steelers fans didn’t miss the school bus after all!

  50. Seubs says:

    I think she got fatter from last week.