June 24, 2017

There are positives to take away from the loss

Really, this is a game that the Steelers had to win. The Bengals still have a good chance in the division and need to get some people healthy. The Bengals took the Steelers down to the wire missing one of the top wide outs in the league and also their top corner. (although you could argue that Leon Hall was one of the main reasons for the loss today with terrible coverage and bad tackling).

We will visit this more this week, but expect the Steeler fans to post some comments here. You know the real knowledgeable ones that can only name one or two players on each side of the ball for their team.


  1. As you noted, this game was more about who was missing than the actual result. The team was without its best receiver and arguably their two best defenders (Hall and Dunlap) in the second half. They’ll also get Pac Man back and the Steelers should have LaMarr Woodley for the next meeting. Should be another good game.

  2. No doubt there will be some (sadly, even some Bengals “fans”) who will see the score and simply say “See, the Bengals can’t beat anybody good.” I feel bad for those people, because they clearly weren’t watching the game I saw.
    We knew the Bengals were not going to run the table in the second half, but this was a good gauge for where the Bengals are right now. They are good and played a good team well but came up short, much like the Giants did against SF. If they had gotten outplayed like Carolina or Tampa Bay or Detroit did, those people would have a case. But they don’t.