July 22, 2017

Leon Hall out for season

Leon Hall suffered a ruptured Achilles’ tendon against the Steelers on Sunday. To the depth chart this looks like a big hit to the Bengals. However, I think the Bengals are not put in too bad of a hole with this loss. Sure this puts the Bengals in a tight spot if there are more injuries to the secondary, but the talent drop off is not severe.

I believe Nate CLements is as good a corner as Leon Hall. I also think if Adam Jones can make it back on the field this weekend then the Bengals will have just as much talent on the field as this past weekend.

Leon Hall had a tough game. Sure, you can look at the gifted interception he was handed, but you can also point out the huge cushion and missed tackles he had in the game.

Get well soon Hall, but I think it is obvious that the Bengals have needs that should be addressed in the secondary this offseason.


  1. Personally i don’t think this is a huge lose for the bengals. Hall has always given big cushions. I think he has done OK but not any better then what we have on the roster

  2. Greg Maynard says:

    It was a stupid move letting Jonathon Joseph go. He was the best DB on the team and they let him go. I would take Pacman Jones over Leon Hall anyday when he’s healthy but that’s kind of a problem though. Its hard for Jones to stay healthy. Hopefully we can pick up some good talent this off season to go along with the killer D-line they have built.