The Hurry-Up

It's sad to see such a consistent performer like Hall out for the season. The Bengals will need his backup to "step up" if they hope to hang on to their playoff hopes.
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  1. Bill says:

    You are right that there is a lot to like with Andrew Hawkins. He might not have made much of a splash in the preseason, but he sure showed up against the Steelers. I had heard Artrell compare him to Welker on the radio, but I let that slide as a bit of family bias. Apparently not. That was the kind of play I’ve been wanting to see out of Andre Caldwell. Let’s see if AH can do it again against the Ravens.
    I’m bummed about Hall on IR too. He might not be perfect, but he is pretty solid. If Jones is not ready to step in yet, Jennings looks like a significant downgrade at this point.