July 25, 2017

10 Reasons Bengals fans should Hate the Ravens

1. Ray Lewis – Ray Lewis was accused of murder and was found guilty of obstructing justice in a murder case. Soon after he was crowned the Super Bowl MVP. The Bengals are constantly chided by Ravens fans for the moral character of their players. However, Baltimore gives this guy a pass. Come on Number 1 Fan, the murder excuse is old and played out you say? OK, how about this:
In 1998 the Baltimore Sun profiled Lewis as a family man who learned from his terrible childhood. They claim he is not violent and is a good guy off the field. He is humble and hopes to be a preacher some day. To this I say bullshit.

  • Your family man was taken to court in 1997 to obtain child support for his children. What kind of family man is taken to court to pay for the well being of his kids?
  • Your hero not wanting to repeat the struggle of his childhood was again taken to court in 1998 and sued for child support from another woman to support a baby girl he had with her. She was awarded the judgment as well as back payments.
  • Ray is a non violent person off the field. I guess except for in college when he hit and grabbed two former girlfriends (both pregnant). Then in 1999 when he was again accused of hitting another woman (again pregnant). I guess he is friendly unless you are a pregnant woman.
  • The humble player also refers to himself in the third person and assembled an entourage that rides around in a black Lincoln Navigator Limo. You know, the same vehicle described in the Super Bowl stabbing incident.
  • Lastly, I guess many future preachers are also stars in sexually explicit videos with strip club promoters.
  • Is that enough?


2. The Ravens are scared – A couple seasons ago the Ravens asked the NFL to not schedule them with the Steelers on opening night. Kind of defeats the we are not scared of anyone attitude huh?


3. Ravens fans cry more about the refs than any team in the NFL.
– Below are two of the millions of crybaby Ravens fans talking about the officiating online.

“Funny, I haven’t even read any comments about pass interference on the last Ravens drive in the 4th quarter on 3rd down. It was blatant interference and no one called that. One thinks that the Pats either have the refs in their pockets or the NFL makes it clear that Tom Brady in the super Bowl will sell seats. Frustrating for other teams that don’t get the same level of consideration…”
“The officiating in the NFL is a joke…period!.. You must have to be over the age of 80 and have bad vision to be a ref in this league. Every year you see younger and younger head coaches….why are there no damn young refs?…. It’s one thing to make a bad call, but to review it and confirm the bad call is just ridiculous… I love the “there was no penalty during the play” call….what did the flag just JUMP out of his pocket…..and then they all have to group up and make up their minds if it WAS a penalty…. and to all the ‘Quit whining” people on here…STFU… when your team looses injustly, you’ll be the 1st MOFOs on here talking crap…… this league wants to hold the coaches and players to a higher standard and fine them if they don’t act accordingly…..Well hold the Refs to the same F*cking standards…. Got news for all you “stop whining’ people…It’s OK to be upset when you think you’re screwed….Don’t agree….ok…Let’s see what happens when your boss shorts YOUR paycheck…. guess you won’t complain huh?…yeah, i thought so…..hypocrites”


4. John Harbaugh – I can’t call out the shiny fans without a call to the whiniest coach in the NFL. Every Time this guy is on tv he is crying about something. Almost as bad as La Russa formerly of the ST. Louis Cards.

5. The Ravens Defense – yeah, they used to be good. They still think they are, that is why after every turnover, tackle and drink of water they dance like they just won the Super Bowl. The Steelers are also usually bad in celebrating too much after insignificant pieces of the game unfold, but the Ravens are by far the worst in the NFL.


6. Ravens Roosts – They have clubs called Ravens Roosts. I assume it is where these mouth breather fans converge to argue about who can wear more purple and speak in moronic incomplete sentences.

7. Ravens fans – My favorite is the “I have been a Ravens fan my whole life” fans. Unless you are 16 years old, then this is probably not true. Take this guy for example:

“yo im from boston and ive been a ravens fan my whole life…..ravens will beat new england tommorow definately….and for the kid saying that he’s been waiting for people to jump on the bandwagon…i hear that…ever since last year when flacco started doing good.”

One of the more Bandwagon fan producing cities calling out another for bandwagon jumping, nice.

Then there is this:

“ive been a ravens fan my whole life but, i really got into football about 5 years ago”

So, are you 5 years old?

8. The Ravens logo – You know what is dumber than a cartoon Ravens head? A shield with some wings coming out of it. You know what is dumber than that? Stealing that design from some night security guard and then denying it. For the first two years of their existence, the Baltimore Ravens made a ton of money off a design they stole. The artist, Frederick E. Bouchat, sued and won in court but was given no monetary compensation. Go ahead, google it.


9. The Ravens hate Lesbians –  While waiting for their orders, the couple engaged in what Marchetto characterized as “casual kissing.” Almost immediately, she said, a security guard and a supervisor told the women to “stop making a scene.” They were warned three times but continued because, according to Marchetto, ”the kissing was heartfelt and decent in the real sense and was not any different from what numerous law-abiding straight couples were doing all around us.” (link)


10. Art Modell – Art Modell wanted to build or improve the stadium in Cleveland and like many owners wanted the public to pay for it. After creating a public campaign to encourage the citizens to want to pony up cash for the stadium improvements, meetings were set up to discuss how the funding would proceed. All the while, Art had been in secret conversations with Baltimore to move the team. So several days before the financing meetings were to take place Art moved the team to Baltimore essentially ripping the hearts out of Cleveland Browns fans.
Also, this asshole fired Paul Brown.


  1. preaching to the choir

  2. I would suggest nicknaming these guys the Whiny Birds, but the St Louis Cardinals have already taken it.